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Do I need a family law attorney?

Some people do successfully resolve family law issues on their own. However, it is easy to make mistakes, and the consequences can bring much regret. The fact that you are asking this question is a good indication that you should take the simple step of consulting with a lawyer.

Do I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. Your divorce or custody or support modification case may be resolved through settlement negotiations or mediation. However, working with one of our trial lawyers can provide peace of mind.

Do I need a court’s permission to move with my child?

If there is a child custody order in place and you wish to move with your child out of Massachusetts, you can do so without the court’s permission only if the other parent agrees. However, if a new parenting time schedule is necessary, you will need to petition for a custody modification.

How do courts decide custody and parenting time?

Custody and visitation (parenting time) will be determined according to the best interests of the child. If you demonstrate that you are an active, attentive parent, this will likely help increase your chances of being awarded ample parenting time.

How does parenting time affect child support?

Parenting time and child support are related but separate issues. Child support is calculated according to parents’ incomes. If you do not have primary custody and your children are with you less than a third of the time, you may be expected to pay more child support than if your parenting time were more balanced.

What if my former spouse is not obeying a family court order?

Your former spouse is considered to be “in contempt” of the court if they withhold spousal support or child support as ordered or fail to follow the terms of a divorce decree. Our attorneys’ vast experience can be an asset as you seek to get the child support you are owed or compel your ex-spouse to respect your parenting time.

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