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What To Consider Before Appealing A Child Custody Decision

Deciding to appeal a child custody decision is an incredibly sensitive and important matter that requires careful deliberation and planning to avoid squandering a considerable amount of time and money for an outcome that negatively affects your child. Check out our very own attorney Matthew P. Barach’s feature on as he explores the key issues to consider before you embark on this process, including the absolute necessity of a strong-minded lawyer to fight for your child’s best

Raising Objections In The Face Of Obstacles

Attorney Matthew P. Barach closely examines the landmark Appeals Court decision, K.B. v R.H., which highlights that the duty of legal counsel to protect court records is often an impolite task and drives home why advocates must raise all objections in the face of any obstacles. Check out Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly to learn more about the details of this important case and its noteworthy findings.

Causation Expert Not Needed In Legal-Mal Case

The Appeals Court recently decided on a matter of legal malpractice concerning an allegedly substandard and insufficient prenuptial agreement and found no need for an expert witness on causation. We further explore this case on Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly – don’t hesitate to read the blog and learn why the judge determined that testimony was unnecessary on question of law.

‘Incredible shrinking lawyer’ a beacon in weight-loss wars

Matthew P. Barach has lost nearly 80 pounds since March after he decided to get active again and lose the weight he had put on gradually since law school. He now stands as a success story in terms of eating right and exercise.