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Appealing A Family Law Ruling In Massachusetts

Our Framingham Divorce Attorneys Pursue Favorable Rulings

While the court is supposed to give a fair and just ruling, this doesn’t always happen. Many people walk away after a divorce ruling wondering what went wrong. From child custody rulings to property division matters, the results can often be disappointing and frustrating. With so many factors impacting a judge’s ruling on divorce issues, even the smallest detail could sway or alter their opinion. That is why it is important that you have a seasoned advocate on your side.

If you believe that a court ruling was improperly decided and want to appeal the ruling given, we encourage you to reach out to our Framingham divorce lawyers right away. We can fight on your behalf and pursue a more reasonable outcome!

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Types Of Appellate Cases

Divorce or family law rulings are often appealed when they involve very difficult or harsh decisions that one party disagrees with. This can come into play for a variety of divorce and family law-related issues, and can often leave people feeling powerless to change the decision.

These types of cases are commonly appealed when rulings are unfavorable:

Understanding The Appeals Process

To begin an appeal, you must be careful to file the right papers soon after the original decision is made. You only have a short window to begin the appeals process, and missing it could mean being barred from appealing at all.

After you have done this, the trial record will be opened and scrutinized. All the points that you wish to be taken into question will be examined to look for any errors made by the judge or attorneys. The whole process can take an extensive amount of time and effort, but with a dedicated Framingham family lawyer to argue your case, the chances of getting the decision altered are much higher.

We Offer Insightful Counsel For Appeals-Call Today!

At Barach Law Group LLC, we are uniquely focused on dealing with appeals in family law. Our founding attorney, Matthew Barach, is the author of a book (title and release date forthcoming) that details his experience and insight in the appeals process. His decades of legal experience and intensive study were the key elements that inspired his book. When you come to our Framingham firm for help with an appeal, this same passion and vast knowledge will go into supporting your case. If you are looking for someone who knows appellate cases back and forth, you’ve come to the right place!

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