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Are You Anticipating A Move Or Planning To Relocate?

If you will be relocating with your child or are fighting to keep them near, it is important that you have sound legal representation. Our Framingham family law attorneys at Barach Law Group LLC have helped numerous clients with matters involving child custody, particularly with regards to relocation. Because we know how challenging this issue can be, we want to help you and ease some of your troubles.

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How Do The Courts Handle Relocation Matters?

Discuss the matter first with the other parent about your wishes to relocate. If your spouse agrees to the move, then the next step is to file a petition in the court that states that the noncustodial parent has consented to the move. Relocation is not an easy issue to handle; so it can be highly contentious, and there are many different elements involved. You may need court intervention to obtain approval for your relocation case.

These are the factors that the courts may use to review:

  • Your child’s relationship with you and the other parent, as well as other family members
  • The child’s personal preferences, if he or she is of an appropriate age
  • The child’s ties and connection to his or her current community
  • The reason behind the need to relocate, e.g. a new job opportunity or for school
  • The child’s health and academic needs, and the long-term impact
  • If the move will affect visitation or time with the noncustodial parent
  • If there is any objection to the move

A judge will not approve of the relocation whatsoever if there is a sense that one parent is trying to intentionally pull away from the other parent. One parent cannot request relocation on the basis that they wish to cut off all ties, as the courts view a healthy relationship with both parents to be optimal. Of course, the exception to this would be if there is a history of domestic violence with the noncustodial parent.

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If you are filing a petition to relocate, the other parent has 20 days to respond to the service request and contest it, if necessary. Whether you are the parent serving or receiving the papers, you should not hesitate to act quickly and find legal counsel. Barach Law Group LLC can help keep you informed about the various laws and offer some legal perspective on the matter.

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