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Legal Options When Spouses Have Gone Their Separate Ways Without Divorce

Just as every person is unique, so is every marriage – and every marital breakdown. You and your husband or wife may be going your separate ways but, for personal reasons, are not yet seeking a divorce.

At Barach Law Group LLC, we bring compassion and deep knowledge to our clients’ family law cases. We can help you pursue support or respond to your spouse’s petition to the court for support as you are separating or have already done so.

Assert Your Right To Separate Support For Yourself And Your Children

You may have heard that Massachusetts does not have a legal status for spouses known as legal separation. This is true. Yet, your marriage has weakened to the point that you and your husband or wife are now either living apart or soon will be. You may have religious, medical or logistical motives to stay legally married, but you still need some enforceable financial relief and security.

If you have been dependent on your husband or wife, you may seek one of the following types of court orders obliging your spouse to provide support for yourself and your children, as applicable:

  • A judgment for separate support, which may include a child custody and support order
  • A judgment for support, only involving the spouse in need of support

On the other side of the coin, you may be the higher-earning spouse with a need for legal counsel as your partner seeks separate support. Whatever your role is, when one of our lawyers represents you, we will keep you well informed.

In addition, you and your spouse may create a separation agreement to spell out who will stay in the marital home, how assets will be distributed between the two of you, who will pay which debts and more. Your attorney will advocate skillfully and vigorously in support of your best interests.

Get The Answers And Direction You Need After A Separation In Massachusetts

Our family law attorneys are highly qualified to help you file an appropriate complaint for separate support or a complaint for support that will communicate your needs to the court. We look forward to meeting you. We will explain how you can get started pursuing or negotiating what is Massachusetts’ closest equivalent to a legal separation.

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