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An Effective Prenuptial Agreement

Framingham Family Law Attorney Protecting Your Interests

A prenuptial agreement is a wise method of protecting your interests, should the unfortunate event of a divorce or separation occur. Within the agreement, you and your future spouse are able to establish expectations for property division and more, under the guidance of a Framingham family law attorney who is well-versed in premarital legal requirements. If your agreement is not appropriately drawn up and filed, it may not be considered legally valid by the court should the need arise for you to put it into practice. Prevent this situation by counseling with our family law firm today. We serve eastern Massachusetts with knowledgeable family law counsel for all prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial agreements can protect:

  • Children’s inheritance
  • Your personal inheritance
  • Premarital property
  • Retirement plans
  • Business assets
  • Family home and vacation home
  • Any rental properties
  • Vehicles, including boats, cars, and motorcycles
  • Stock options and earned income on investments

Premarital Agreement Modifications

Sometimes it is not possible to foresee everything you might want to protect in a premarital agreement. For this reason, it is perfectly acceptable, and even advisable, to revisit the terms of your premarital agreement should new circumstances arise. As long as both of you agree to the changes, modifying your arrangement is relatively straightforward. These modifications should only be conducted under the supervision of two experienced and thoughtful family law attorneys. Each party should have their own representation to make sure your interests are appropriately protected.

Simple Divorces With The Aid Of A Premarital Agreement

In the unfortunate event of a future divorce, the premarital agreement facilitates a more peaceable separation, including avoiding issues and disputes that commonly arise in high net worth divorces. Of course, in the ideal situation, you would never need to act on your agreement. However, should the need arise, the agreement has already determined property division expectations and may even have established certain parameters regarding other aspects of a divorce, including child custody arrangements. Our Framingham family lawyers can help make an unfortunate situation more tolerable by working to protect you today.

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