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Establishing Child Support Plans For Your Children’s Best Interests

Your children deserve the maximum possible amount of financial support. Maintaining their expected quality of life is only possible if both spouses are financially responsible for their expenses. Child support negotiations address the financial state of both parents and establish a payment plan that takes into account both the children’s needs and the parent’s ability to pay. Our Framingham child support lawyers are specially trained to protect you in the event that the court demands you pay a greater amount than you can afford and to counsel you as to the best course of action to take to ensure that your children receive support.

How Do They Calculate Child Support?

Factors taken into account when establishing child support payment plans include:

  • Employment status of each parent
  • Income of each parent
  • Medical needs of the children
  • Education costs of the children
  • Which parent has custody of the children

Does remarriage affect child support? Our blog discusses this and more!
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Pursuing The Most Favorable Outcome For Parents And Children

At Barach Law Group LLC, you will find compassionate legal counsel from our practiced child support attorneys who are dedicated to protecting you and your family through divorce. Child support payment negotiations can become quickly tense, especially when one parent does not feel the suggested payment plan is either fair or adequate. Expectations for the use of these payments should also be established, in order to make sure that the parent who has custody is appropriately using the funds. We help you understand the legal issues surrounding your case through proactive client education.

Uncontested Divorce Negotiations In MA

If both parents are able to reach an agreeable amount outside of court, this is always the more favorable option. With the presence of your attorneys, draw up an arrangement that both of you can agree upon. Then, the court is merely there to formalize the requirements you have laid out.

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