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Requesting Child Custody Modifications

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Child custody is something that is not meant to be set in stone. Life is ever-changing, and the court understands this, which is why it allows for individuals to request modifications to child custody orders. In Massachusetts, for one to change a final custody order, a “Complaint for Modification” must be filed. However, this does not mean your request will be granted. The primary concern will always be for the welfare of the children and, if your request for modifications does not serve those interests, it will
be denied. That is why it is crucial for you to have skilled family law attorney on your side to build a solid case on your behalf.

At Barach Law Group LLC, our Framingham family law attorneys provide tailor-fit and effective legal solutions for any family law matter, including child custody modifications. Our trusted and compassionate team will fully inform you of your legal options and guide you down the path that best suits
your needs and the needs of your children.

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Factors That Impact The Court’s Decision To Modify Custody

When it comes to deciding whether or not granting a modification of child custody is in the best interests of the children, the court will consider several factors. This includes:

  • The non-custodial parent’s beneficial remarriage
  • Improvements made in the non-custodian parent’s home surroundings, health or financial situation
  • The child’s failing performance in school
  • The custodial parent’s denial of the non-custodial parent’s visitation rights
  • Worsening of the custodial parent’s health or mental state
  • The custodial parent gave up the child to strangers
  • The child has a change of preference between parents
  • The custodial parent’s transient lifestyle
  • The custodial parent’s detrimental marriage
  • The custodial parent’s alienation of the child’s affection from the non-custodial parent

Since the court is generally reluctant to disrupting a child’s life and causing instability, you will have to show that your home would serve as the better home compared to the current custodial parent.

Trusted And Compassionate Legal Counsel In Framingham

If you are interested in modifying an existing child custody order, the skilled and experienced attorneys at Barach Law Group LLC, in Framingham, are here to walk you through every step of the way so that you can make informed and sound decisions throughout the process. We understand the delicate nature of these types of matters and pride ourselves on compassionately assisting every client we serve.

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