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You may be eligible to receive spousal support payments, also known as alimony. Alimony is designed to help support a spouse upon divorce and separation. Alimony particularly protects a spouse who is unable to continue his or her standard of life in the wake of divorce. Though we cannot guarantee that life will be the same, our family law lawyers are dedicated to preserving your lifestyle as much as possible through representing your case effectively to the divorce court. Or, if you and your former spouse are able to settle outside of court, we facilitate alimony negotiations in Framingham through knowledgeably assessing each spouse’s assets and income in order to establish a payment plan that is appropriate and fair.

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How does remarriage affect alimony or spousal support?
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Case Evaluations For Divorce Clients

You may be unsure as to your options regarding spousal support payments. If you are the one responsible for providing the payments, our family law lawyer protects your rights and makes sure that your spouse is not able to take advantage of you. If you are the one in need of spousal support payments, we thoughtfully evaluate you and your former spouse’s earning potential and propose a plan that is mutually agreeable.

When establishing these plans, it is important to consider:

  • Income of each party
  • Length of marriage
  • Disabilities of either spouse
  • Expected standard of living
  • Employment status of each spouse
  • Marketable skills

Modify Existing Spousal Support Arrangements

Though in the state of Massachusetts, there is no current established end to alimony, certain payment plans may become inefficient due to various life changes. A new job, an increase or decrease in salary, or sudden illness may affect either party’s financial need or ability to pay. It may be possible to revisit the terms of your agreement. Whatever the case, our Framingham family law attorneys are ready to give you our professional advice.

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