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When Your Massachusetts Divorce Includes Division Of Business Assets

As a business owner or a co-owner with your spouse, it is natural for you to worry about how to protect the assets you have worked hard to build as you are facing divorce. You can do the right thing by bringing your concerns to an established, reputable divorce law firm to support your rights in the property division.

Barach Law Group LLC is well-known and respected in Massachusetts family law. Our attorneys have numerous landmark property division cases to their names. Our lead attorney, Matthew P. Barach, wrote the influential “Family Law Guide to Appellate Practice.” Your case will be in well-respected hands when one of our attorneys is your divorce lawyer.

About Business Asset Division

Even if you are the spouse of a business owner but not a co-owner, you, too, have a vested interest in their business assets. If we represent you, we will stand strong on your behalf to ensure that property division in your divorce accounts for all your direct or indirect contributions to the business’s success.

As we help you navigate your Massachusetts divorce involving business assets, we will closely monitor factors including the following:

  • Fluctuations in the value of the business or the interests that you or your spouse have in one or more businesses
  • The date that business valuation will be determined – possibly, the date of your divorce trial, the date you separated or the date your marital relationship effectively ended – and stock values for the business on that date
  • Capital gains, goodwill, taxation issues and the business’s general growth rate
  • The selection of experts who will assist with the valuation, including the chief financial officer, a certified public accountant, the business owner involved in the divorce (you, spouse or both), appraisers and others
  • The potential for a judge to use their discretion regarding any uncertainties

If your case goes to trial and we find any of the proceedings questionable, your attorney from Barach Law Group LLC will raise objections to preserve your right to appeal.

Discuss How To Protect Your Business And Your Share Of The Business Assets

Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help identify, value and divide assets in a way that is equitable as well as favorable to you.

To schedule a consultation regarding your divorce and the division of business assets, call 617-819-1805 or complete our online inquiry form.