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Resolutions For Uncontested Divorces

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For cooperative divorces, an uncontested divorce serves both parties with a neutral platform on which you can address common items pertaining to your separation. An uncontested divorce requires both spouses to be willing to work together toward a settlement. Even if your divorce does not require mediation, having a seasoned Framingham divorce attorney counseling you through negotiations is the best way to protect your interests and your rights through property division. Let us give you the solid advice that you need for this process.

Move On And Find Peace Of Mind

Although no divorce is ideal, an uncontested divorce allows both spouses to move forward with maturity and relative mutual respect for all parties involved. As your personal representative, we are able to foresee any potential problems before they arise and knowledgeably navigate away from the tension to produce favorable results for both parties. An uncontested divorce can only be successful if both parties are willing to reach an equitable agreement.

During settlement negotiations, we address:

  • Child support payment plans
  • Child custody and visitation schedules
  • Property and asset division
  • Spousal support payment options

Keep Your Family Out Of Court

An uncontested divorce is able to protect you and your children from the sterile court environment. Rather than having your fate be decided by an unfamiliar judge, you work together with your spouse to establish the best routines and arrangements for each other and for any children involved. Trials can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting. Instead, an uncontested divorce keeps the matter more affordable and simple.

Furthermore, a Framingham divorce attorney can handle your uncontested divorce, which is certainly your more financially feasible option. At Barach Law Group LLC, you can find compassionate, attentive legal representation in Framingham, to guide you through this experience. We serve all of the Framingham area, Middlesex County, and eastern Massachusetts.

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