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Navigating Contested Divorces

Trust Our Framingham Divorce Lawyer To Protect You

Should you find yourself in the tense circumstances surrounding a contested divorce or a high net worth divorce, our compassionate Framingham family law attorney can thoughtfully guide you through negotiations that help alleviate the stress and move you toward a healthy separation. Contested divorces are divorces in which one or both spouses are unable to interact calmly and practically. Professional intercession at this point protects all parties involved and is the quickest way to resolve problems.

Due to the fact that contested divorce cases are ultimately brought into court, it is best to have our experienced Framingham divorce attorney represent your interests to the judge. We are familiar with the local judges and have a reputation for settling even the most complex divorce cases.

Highly Individualized And Compassionate Service

We can be your shield in this trying situation. Any drastic change to family life is bound to be upsetting, and a contested divorce is even more so.

During a contested divorce, we guide the disagreeable party toward:

  • Agreeing upon child custody arrangements
  • Equitably dividing all joint assets
  • Establishing appropriate child support and spousal support payments

Although your spouse cannot technically prevent the divorce from happening, they can make your life miserable by refusing to cooperate. As your representative, we intercede for you in this hostile environment, working diligently toward your protection through minimizing your need to negotiate. Instead, we are your negotiators and advocates. Our Framingham divorce lawyers proactively remain involved in the legal community, keeping up to date on all current family law so that we may know how to best serve your specific case. Knowing that you are not alone in this process can give you the courage you need to move forward into this new chapter of your life apart from a clearly negative relationship.

For over 20 years we have been serving eastern Massachusetts with attentive, results-driven legal counsel. Schedule your consultation with our Framingham family lawyers today by calling our firm at 617-819-1805.