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Moving Away with Your Children After a Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News

A family’s life can continue to go through major changes in the aftermath of a divorce. As a result, you may have to relocate and, if you have minor children, this can profoundly complicate matters. Parents cannot simply uproot their children and move. You must either discuss the matter with your former spouse and work out a new arrangement or you can petition the court with your request if you are unable to achieve a resolution outside of court. Even if you and your ex can successfully reach a new agreement without the intervention of a judge, you will still need court approval.

Relocating with Your Children

If you cannot resolve this matter with your spouse, you should hire an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the process of petitioning the court for a relocation. When rendering a decision on this matter, a judge will examine several factors. Much like any other child-related matter, when it comes to a relocation case, such a request will only be granted if it constitutes a real benefit to the children and improves their quality of life.

Below are some circumstances in which a judge may consider allowing relocation:

  • The moving parent is pursuing an educational opportunity
  • The moving parent is pursuing a new job opportunity or the chance for increased income
  • The moving parent is relocating to be close to extended family who can assist with child care
  • The moving parent is getting remarried
  • The moving parent is relocating to seek access to better medical care

A judge will also examine several factors, including:

  • Any prior agreements the parents had
  • The intent of the moving parent
  • The strength of the bond between the children and their parents
  • How much moving or staying will impact the children
  • The resources and quality of life available to the children in both locations
  • Depending on the age of the children, a judge may consider their preference

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