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Can Children Refuse Visitation?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Child Custody, Children & Divorce, Divorce, Firm News

The aftermath of a divorce is a lot for children to cope with. In some cases, they may blame one or both parents for the end of the marriage and harbor a lot of resentment. However, no matter what your children’s feelings may be about you, your ex, or the divorce, they cannot refuse visitation.

The Role Parents Play in Visitation

We force our children to do many things they would otherwise try to avoid. They go to school, do their homework, brush their teeth, and do many other things they may complain about because, as parents, we know what is best for them. Scheduled visitation is another matter that is not left up to them. If a parent allows their children to skip visitation, it could land them in court, and it may even potentially impact the current order.

Parents are responsible for making their children reasonably available for visitation. Failing to comply with a court order could result in some serious consequences, so even if your kids are relentless with their complaints, you need to ensure they make it to visitation. Of course, there are some circumstances in which it may be best to keep a child home. For example, you may want to postpone visitation if your child is very ill. Under these circumstances, you should clearly communicate the reason behind why your child is unavailable for visitation.

If a child is being particularly vocal about wishing to skip visitation, it is important to find out why. It is possible that your child may be refusing visitation because they do not feel safe, which is a matter that must be rectified as soon as possible. Make sure you contact a child custody attorney as soon as possible if you believe your child’s safety is at risk.

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