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What Can I Do About Parental Alienation?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Child Custody, Family Law, Firm News

Divorce can get messy, especially when children are involved. In many cases, parents try to undermine the other parent’s relationship with the children, which is also referred to as parental alienation. Parental alienation can be incredibly damaging to the children, transferring one parent’s feelings of resentment and anger onto them to the point where it unravels a family. Continue reading to learn more about parental alienation and what you can do about it.

Noticing the Signs

Your children will have a difficult time coping with your divorce, so you should not immediately assume that any tension between you is the result of parental alienation.

Here are some signs that may indicate your ex-spouse is alienating the children from you:

  • Your children know too many details about your divorce that you never shared with them.
  • Your children suddenly have a negative attitude towards you.
  • Your children seem to feel uneasy around you and try to minimize how much they speak to you.
  • Your ex-spouse allows the children to choose whether or not to visit you.
  • Your ex-spouse blames you for the change in lifestyle, not having enough money, and other problems in front of the children.
  • Your ex-spouse asks the children to choose one parent over another.
  • Your children are uncharacteristically cold and rude towards you.

If your former spouse is refusing to comply with the child custody order or is not making the children reasonably available for visitation, this is a matter you should take to court. Be sure to document these incidents, including all correspondence with your co-parent and other pertinent information that will be helpful in court.

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