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Child Custody Mistakes You Should Avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News

Child custody cases are some of the most stressful disputes. With so many emotions involved, it can make it easy for parents to act impulsively or out of anger. However, it is crucial to not let your feelings get the best of you or else you may make a decision that is not in your best interests. Continue reading to learn more about the biggest child custody mistakes you should avoid.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

The mistakes you make during a child custody dispute can create some serious and costly problems for you, so it is important to maintain a level head during this process. Acting emotionally is what ultimately leads to some of the worst child custody mistakes.

Here are some common missteps you should be aware of:

  • Turning your case into a contentious battle: Child custody disputes can quickly get heated, so it is important to keep it from getting out of control right from the beginning. Instead of beginning this process with the mindset that you must fight your co-parent, enter it with the idea that you must try to cooperate and do your best to negotiate. Otherwise, your case can potentially drag on for far longer than it should, costing you time, money, and peace of mind.
  • Refusing to comply with court orders: Divorce can take time and, during that time, you may have a temporary court order in place, including one for child custody and child support. It is crucial for you to comply with them. Noncompliance will have some serious effects on your case.
  • Not cooperating with your co-parent: Family courts believe it is best for children to continue to maintain meaningful relationships with their parents, so if you are being uncooperative and unsupportive, this will reflect poorly on you in court.
  • Speaking negatively about your co-parent: Badmouthing your spouse around your children can come off as parental alienation. If you want to vent about your ex-spouse, do so to a trusted friend, family member, or even a therapist, but never around your children.

Lastly, you should never forego hiring legal representation. Having an attorney on your side is a big advantage and can ensure the process goes smoothly.

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