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3 Ways to Successfully Co-Parent on Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Child Custody, Firm News

For many children, Halloween is a magical and exciting holiday. Dressing up for the promise of candy is something most children can’t resist. However, if you are divorced, deciding who will take your child trick-or-treating can be difficult.

Should you and your former partner alternate each year? If you are on good terms, should you take your child together? Whichever you decide, here are 3 ways to successfully co-parent on Halloween.

1. Remember Who Halloween Is Geared Toward

Adults love to throw grand Halloween parties, but when it comes down to it, Halloween is really for the kids. If you and your ex are freshly divorced and emotions are still running high, you may want to keep Halloween separate. In this case, let the parent who enjoys Halloween most handle trick-or-treating responsibilities. If you are dead set on keeping Halloween a family affair, try to keep things as peaceful as possible for the sake of your child’s personal enjoyment.

2. Make Plans in Advance

If you don’t get along with your ex, plan ahead so you’re prepared for all Halloween festivities that come up. You can split trick-or-treating between your two neighborhoods if you both want to spend time with your child on Halloween night but don’t want to do so together. Or, if you get along with your ex, you can arrange to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with the best candy and decorations. Planning in advance will make the night go more smoothly and will prevent any arguments or disagreements from occurring about unforeseen events.

3.Remain Flexible

Even with a plan, it’s important to remain flexible, especially when children are involved—after all, this night is about them! Approach the night with an open mind and leave room for a change in plans; you never know what might come up. As long as you and your ex have previously agreed upon a plan and you’re both prepared for whatever the night may bring, there’s no harm in deviating from the original course. The point of Halloween is to have fun, and if that means changing neighborhoods to allow your child to trick-or-treat with a friend, so be it.

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