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Parenting Plans for Infants

| Feb 25, 2019 | Child Custody, Firm News

Creating a parenting plan can be an arduous task, especially when your child is only a baby or toddler. While older children can better adjust the changes associated with divorce, infants must heavily rely on their parents for care. For parents, trying to find a balance between finalizing the divorce, starting a new life, and taking care of the baby can an overwhelming experience. If you and the other parent must create a parenting plan for your little one, the following are several tips to take into consideration to benefit yourself and your child:

  • Maintain the same parenting routines and schedules – To ensure the baby develops and grows as he/she should, maintaining a consistent schedule is of utmost importance. While creating a schedule for a toddler isn’t as strict, they also thrive when the routines and schedules are established. During the transition of separating the family unit, make sure you and the other parent sync each other’s schedules. Discuss the proper time for feeding, bedtime, napes, and other important tasks throughout each day.
  • Schedule short visits – While older children have an easy time balancing between two households for weeks on end, young children need constant interaction and care with both parents. It is wise to split parenting time in two to three-day increments. In other circumstances, the custodial parent may allow the noncustodial parent to visit once or twice a week.
  • Share milestones – Each day is a potential for a baby or toddler to hit a new developmental milestone. Since both parents take turns taking care of the child, there is plenty of opportunities to miss some accomplishments. Whether it’s learning how to walk or speak his/her first words, you must do your best to share the moment with the other parent to share the joy of raising a child.

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