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5 Apps to Make You a Better Co-Parent

| Feb 18, 2019 | Child Custody, Firm News

From sharing photos of your vacation on social media and conducting our business to keeping up with current events, our cell phones have become an integral part of our day-to-day activities. Whether you are experiencing issues successfully co-parenting with your ex-spouse or you want to make the job easier on both parties, there are several apps available to improve both parents’ ability to share custody or arrange visitation. The following are the most popular apps to help with co-parenting:

  • Our Family Wizard – What started as a website helping parents understand the complexities of child custody and visitation, iPhone users can now download the company’s app. Not only does it have a scheduling feature that enables users to create a color-coded calendar to keep track of important appointments and dates, but it also has a journal feature and messaging service where parents can communicate with one another.
  • Fayr – This app has a shared calendar feature which can be accessed by both parents. Additionally, it comes with a geolocation log, which means you can check in to a designated location, so the other parent can see where the child is always. Similar to Our Family Wizard there is also a messaging service and a feature to track expenses.
  • Cozi Family Organizer – Although this app is not specifically designed for co-parenting, it is an amazing general family planner. Cozi Family Organizer also has a color-coded scheduling feature that could be shared by both parents, along with a journal.
  • 2houses – This app is created for divorced and separated families. Similar to all the other apps, it has a shared calendar feature and keeps track of household expenses. Furthermore, the apps can share and store files such as medical information, report cards, and permission slips.
  • Google Calendar – If you have Gmail, then you could keep it consistent with the Google brand by using their calendar service. Any events you discuss through your e-mail can be automatically added to a calendar both parties can access.

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