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Choosing a Divorce Attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law, Firm News

If you are getting divorced, one of the first steps you will take is choosing an attorney to represent you. Finding the right attorney for your case can make a big difference in how smoothly and efficiently you are able to navigate this process, so continue reading to learn more about how to make the choice that is best for you.

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Every divorce is unique, so even if your friends recommend the attorney they used for their divorce, you may not necessarily feel comfortable working with their attorney.

Here are some tips that can help you make this decision:

  • Experience: When choosing a divorce attorney, you will want someone with the knowledge and skills that are relevant to your case. For example, if you are going through a high net worth divorce, you should choose an attorney with experience in handling cases like yours.
  • Comfort: Throughout the course of your divorce, you will have to discuss a lot of very personal matters with your attorney. Choosing someone you feel comfortable and at ease with will help reduce stress during a highly emotional experience. Being honest with your divorce attorney is important, so if you are uncomfortable with your choice of attorney, it can have a negative impact on your case.
  • Affordability: Expensive attorneys are not necessarily more skilled, so do not base your decision on their legal fees. You do not want to break the bank on legal representation, so consider your budget and what you can afford.
  • Negotiators: Not every divorce has to go through litigation, so consider choosing an attorney who is willing to attempt negotiating a fair settlement outside of court.

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