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What Are the Benefits of Parallel Parenting?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Co-parenting, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News

If you went through a high-conflict divorce, the situation with your former spouse is likely still incredibly tense. If you cannot seem to communicate or work together without erupting into an argument, co-parenting may not be an ideal approach and, instead, parallel parenting may be more effective. Parallel parenting gives former spouses the space they need to raise their children while interacting as little as possible in order to avoid confrontation. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Why Parallel Parenting May Be the Right Approach for You

Co-parenting is typically considered ideal for children though it is not always practical for newly divorced parents, especially after a challenging divorce.

Here are some of the benefits of parallel parenting under these circumstances:

  • Less stress: Dealing with your ex-spouse can be frustrating, which is why parallel parenting can be so beneficial to those who have trouble communicating without fighting. Not only will it reduce stress for you, but it will also result in a less tense environment for your children.
  • Time to heal: Given how little interaction you will have with your former spouse, this style of parenting will also give you the time and space to heal from the wounds of your divorce. In many cases, parents are able to transition from parallel parenting to co-parenting after enough time has gone by.
  • Minimal interference: Co-parenting means often having to communicate and explain yourself to your co-parent due to the collaborative nature of this approach. If you are parallel parenting, however, you are only responsible for yourself and generally do not have to explain why you made certain decisions.

Although parallel parenting requires limited interaction with your former spouse, you should have all the important details of your plan, including visitation and pick-up times, ironed out in your divorce decree to avoid having to deal with these matters later on.

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