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Repairing Trust with Your Ex After a Divorce

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law, Firm News

When parents get divorced, they cannot simply part ways. As they move forward and rebuild their lives, they will continue to interact with each other as co-parents. For those who have a particularly hostile relationship with their ex, co-parenting may come with a lot of incredible challenges, especially if there is a complete lack of trust. We compiled some tips on how to begin the process of repairing trust with your former spouse, so you can more easily raise your children together.

Trusting Your Co-Parent

Repairing trust with your ex-spouse is not only good for your co-parenting relationship, but it is also good for your children who will benefit from the reduced tension.

Here are some tips that will help you repair trust, so you can more effectively co-parent:

  • Consistency is important in any relationship and it is particularly essential for fostering trust. Keep your promises and try to be as consistent as possible when interacting with your former spouse and your children.
  • It can be hard to admit when you are wrong, but a genuine apology is powerful and can help create some goodwill between you and your co-parent. Do not be afraid to apologize to your ex if you made a mistake.
  • On your path toward rebuilding trust with your ex, you will likely encounter some obstacles, so remember to keep trying. A better co-parenting relationship takes time to develop and only your continued efforts can get you there.
  • Ask for your co-parent’s opinion on child-related matters. Raising your children should be a collaborative effort and the more you include each other in this experience, the better it will be for your children and your relationship as parents.

Repairing trust will take time, but if you keep putting in the effort, you can make it happen.

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