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Should I Call My Co-Parenting Counselor or My Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Firm News

When you’re in the midst of a divorce with children in the mix, it may be tempting to put your divorce attorney on speed dial and inform them of every nuisance you’re experiencing with your soon-to-be ex. It is likely a challenge figuring out how to handle the animosity and conflict and navigate any uncompromising behavior as it pertains to raising your children.

The choice to call your lawyer may be helpful in some instances of an uncooperative co-parent, particularly as it relates to your divorce-related concerns and getting use to the groove of child custody, visitation, and support. However, if your ex is an unyielding nuisance and isn’t crossing the line in a legal sense, it would likely be a better choice to dial your co-parenting counselor, instead.

Be Willing to Resolve Conflicts

If your divorce decree outlines that each parent must attend co-parenting counseling, this can be the best way to sort out problems that arise after your divorced has been finalized. One example of a conflict where you should call your co-parenting counselor rather than dial up your divorce lawyer is if you can’t mutually agree on which chores should be completed at mom’s house versus dad’s. Anything that is a clashing opinion, for the most part, is better handled by a counselor, as a lawyer can’t necessarily reason with your partner on such matters.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Once the divorce is over and the co-parenting relationship begins, there’s no reason to dredge up the past in every session with your counselor. If your ex is provoking you, try not to engage in their petty behavior. This ultimately benefits your children and the family unit as a whole, when you collaborate on what you can discuss and what is off limits. For instance, one boundary you can set with you ex is you will not discuss your romantic relationships unless your children are involved in meeting and navigating the new relationship with your partner.

Reach Out for Legal Help When the Conflicts Persist

You can’t control your ex’s behavior, but you can reach out to your lawyer to help you set new goals for co-parenting and establish the proper legal boundaries between yourself and your ex. By calling a family law attorney familiar with parental responsibility laws, you can protect your children from your high-conflict divorce as much as possible.

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