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Different Types of Adoption

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2020 | Family Law, Firm News

If you are considering adoption, whether you are looking to expand your family or believe it would be best to give your baby up for adoption, there are many ways to approach this delicate situation. Adoption is a big life-altering event, so it is essential to understand all of your options before you proceed any further.

Understanding the Adoption Process

When going through the adoption process, there are many ways to approach it. However, while some states allow for independent adoptions, Massachusetts is an agency state, which means that only a licensed adoption agency can legally place children for adoption. If you are hoping to proceed with an international adoption, the requirements are typically far stricter and costs are often higher, depending on the country and legal professional you work with.

Here are the three main types of adoption plans you can choose from:

  • Semi-open adoption: In a semi-open adoption, an adopted child does not usually have direct contact with birth parents. With this adoption plan, generally, only photos, phone calls, and emails are exchanged.
  • Open adoption: Unlike a semi-open adoption, an open adoption allows for the adopted child to maintain contact with the birth parents, including phone calls and in-person visits.
  • Closed adoption: In a closed adoption, everything remains completely anonymous and there is no contact between the child and the birth parents after placement.

There is no right or wrong option for families choosing to adopt or those who wish to give up their baby for adoption. Ultimately, every family must choose what is right for their specific situation and what is best for their child, so consider these options carefully and weigh the pros and cons.

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