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How Can Wasteful Dissipation Impact My Divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law, Firm News, Marital Property

In a divorce, property and assets are some of the most heavily contested issues. Whether financial difficulties led to your divorce or your spouse is now hiding or wasting assets in anticipation of a divorce, this can have a profound impact on your settlement. However, you will need the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney to prove that your spouse wastefully dissipated marital assets. Continue reading to learn more.

The Impact of Wasteful Dissipation

During a marriage, it is easy for spouses to wield substantial control over marital funds and, unfortunately, this means that purchases can be made that create an unfair situation for the other spouse.

Below is a list of some examples of wasteful dissipation:

  • Extreme gambling
  • Spending marital assets on an extramarital affair
  • Purposefully neglecting to preserve assets, such as allowing a home to go into foreclosure
  • Wasting money on alcohol, drugs, and partying

The court will only consider your spouse’s actions wasteful dissipation if the amount involved was significant. For example, if your spouse engaged in an extramarital affair and wasted a substantial amount of marital funds on hotel rooms and expensive gifts, this may be considered wasteful dissipation. Additionally, if your spouse was always reckless with the household’s finances and the behavior is not out of the ordinary, you may not have a viable case.

If your spouse wastefully dissipated marital assets and you can prove it, this can have a major impact on the outcome of your divorce settlement. To make up for the wasted marital funds, a judge may award you a larger share of marital property and assets.

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