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In the State of Indiana, you have high-level criminals then you have common criminal charges which include robberyburglarybattery, and assault. These are crimes that can potentially put you in imprisonment for up to five years. Here at Hayes Law Office, we focus on getting you the best solution out of your case. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are dedicated to providing you with the best information so that you are prepared for court.

Here are the different Common Crimes for Indianapolis:

Common Criminal Charges: Robbery

Robbery is considered one of the top common criminal charges. Robbery is when you are in the act of or attempting to take anything of value from someone else or something with the act of force. Robbery is considered a felony in Indianapolis. You would be facing up to one to six years imprisonment and a fine as high as $10,000. There are different forms of robbery like theft, burglary, shoplifting, and pocket-picking. If you have been convicted for a robbery of any kind give Hayes Law Office a call today at 617-819-1805.

Common Criminal Charges: Assault

Assault is also another common criminal charge. Assault easily can be you forcing fear against someone else. You can do this by physically assaulting someone to the point where you are attacking or striking them.

There is also verbal assault where your words can hurting or threaten someone’s being. This allows law enforcement to make an arrest and charge you with Assault against someone. A verbal assault charge or minor physical assault charge can result in a fine and a year in the county jail. If you are charged with aggravated assault then you could be facing up to ten to twenty years imprisonment.

Aggravated Assault is similar to physical assault but it involves you causing serious harm to an individual. In some cases, some counties may look at aggravated assault as attempted murder. There are different forms of Assault like Assault with a Deadly Weapon. You can be charged with this no matter if the weapon was used or not. This is different from a basic assault charge where no physical harm has to be done. If you or a loved one has been charged with Assault give our Criminal Defense Attorneys a call today.

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