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Attorney Matthew Barach Makes an Appearance on the “Speaking of Justice” Podcast

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Firm News

Attorney Matthew Barach made a guest appearance on the September 26th, 2019 episode of the legal podcast titled, “Speaking of Justice,” where he shared his extensive experience and skill as a “fixer” for various family law appeals in Massachusetts. He provided significant insight on the episode’s topic regarding appellate practice in Massachusetts family law cases.

Specifically, the episode focused on issues such as when to file an appeal, the costs and risks of appealing your case, and important information about what people should keep in mind when selecting a lawyer to represent them in their case for the appellate court.

It is no surprise that Attorney Barach was asked to contribute his wisdom to this episode of “Speaking of Justice.” The culmination of his experience as an appellate lawyer in family law led him to author a book titled, “The Family Law Guide to Appellate Practice,” published by the American Bar Association. Readers can continue to gain valuable insight into this topic as Attorney Barach shares his wisdom on navigating the sophisticated, and often tumultuous, waters of appealing family law matters.

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Matthew Barach has practiced family law for more than 20 years throughout Massachusetts, representing the interests of families from Middlesex County to Worcester County. He is the Founder and Principal of Barach Law Group LLC, where he leads a dedicated legal team of distinguished family law attorneys in helping their clients find justice and fair resolutions to their legal disputes.

Attorney Barach’s work ethic and professionalism is why he has been ranked among the state’s other leading legal professionals on a variety of listings, including Top 10 Family Law Attorneys by the American Jurist Institute and Top 100 Layers in American by the American Society of Legal Advocates.

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