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Should You Date During Divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

When people decide to divorce, it can be an emotional experience. Feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression are normal. It is understandable that you may want to seek comfort in a new relationship to help you cope with these emotions. But is it a good idea to start dating during your divorce?

Most divorce lawyers would advise clients to avoid dating before a divorce is over because it can affect your case in many ways. Below are some things to consider before you start jumping back into the dating scene. If you do decide to move forward with a new relationship, we also have some tips on how to minimize the negative impacts on your case.

How Dating Can Affect Your Family

  • Your children – It is possible that your children may not react well to your new partner. They may feel that you have abandoned them or resent your new relationship. It is important to think about your children and whether you want to introduce additional sources of stress into an already stressful time.
  • Your spouse – Some spouses can become jealous or angry if you start dating somebody new, which can potentially increase hostility and make the divorce even more difficult to settle.
  • Your own well-being – Are you really ready for a new relationship? Or are you looking for a rebound? Make sure that you are emotionally and psychologically ready before you make the decision to date.

How Dating Can Affect Your Divorce Case

  • Child Support and Spousal Support: If you are living with your new partner and sharing expenses, the court can take this into consideration when determining support amounts. Depending on your situation, you may be awarded less than the ideal amount or ordered to pay higher support.
  • Child Custody and Parenting: Dating can complicate custody because children may refuse to spend time with you knowing that you are dating a new person. In some cases, judges may see the spouse who is dating during a divorce in a negative light and could result in less parenting time.

Don’t Do The Following If You Decide to Date During Divorce

  • DON’T date until you and your spouse are living separately
  • DON’T live with your boyfriend or girlfriend during divorce proceedings
  • DON’T get pregnant or impregnate someone, as this can complicate and prolong your case
  • DON’T air your relationship on social media – it is best to keep a low profile
  • DON’T forget to make time for your children

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