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Why is January Such a Busy Time for MA Divorce Attorneys?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

January is one of the busiest times for divorce attorneys, but why is this? Studies have shown that divorce filings increase two times during the year. January and July and August are the when studies have reported a rise in divorce filings. While most people assume the summer months see a rise in divorces because the children are not in school, January could be a popular time for people to file for divorce due to mindset surrounding the New Year for most people.

“New Year, New You” is something we see across the internet and other ad campaigns. For most people, the New Year is about making resolutions of about the things you want to change to better yourself. At Barach Law Group, we see many people who make the decision to leave their partner as a New Year’s resolution.

Other couples wait to divorce until after the holidays because they wanted to make sure their children had a good season. Between juggling office Christmas parties, school holiday performances, and family gatherings, the holiday season is incredibly hectic. Waiting to file for divorce until it’s over can be much easier for both parties.

Finally, some people wait to divorce until after the holidays with the belief that they will get half of their spouse’s end of year holiday bonus. If your spouse’s income is heavily based on their sales goals and their bonus given at the end of this year, this could be a wise choice.

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