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Tips on Co-Parenting after a Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2016 | DivorceFamily Law, Firm News

We at Barach Law Group LLC know that even the sight of your recently divorced ex-spouse may cause your teeth to grind and your fists to clench. The memories of your unhappy union resurface and you wonder how you can possibly continue to work with him or her in raising your children together. We know it’s difficult, and truthfully, there is no cure-all for this scenario. There are no tricks for forgetting that you hate your spouse. However, there are a few thoughts we can offer that may help you change your mindset and refocus your efforts from hating your ex-spouse to enduring what you have to in order to provide your children the best upbringing possible for the particular situation. Below are several attitudes you can take on that will make this process easier. You can endure anything for your children: If given the scenario of having to swallow hemlock or let your children be harmed in any way, you would gladly choose poisoning yourself. Consider this the next time you feel that pretending to get along with your ex-spouse is impossible or just too hard. Your children want you both to be happy, and this can be done for your children. It’s OK for you and your ex-spouse to move on: You may not particularly enjoy the new motorcycle your ex-husband recently bought or his new significant other, but you have to remember that you two are now leading separate lives. What bonds you two together is your mutual love for your children, and as long as your ex-spouse’s newly made decisions are not directly endangering your children, these decisions can be forgiven. Holding on to anger and resentment will only hinder you: Refusing to forgive your ex-spouse or to interact with him or her in a civil manner around your children will only continue to diminish the strength of the family. Your children, even at very young ages, will notice and begin lose faith you can all still be together and be happy. Additionally, this pent up anger is detrimental to your overall health. It can improve over time: In time, it will be easier to let go of or work through the traumatic memories of the divorce. In the meantime, your children will persist in being the light of both of your lives – an experience you can still share together, married or not. For more pertinent matters regarding the raising of your children or dealing with your spouse or ex-spouse, call Barach Law Group LLC at 617-819-1805 to learn how our family law group can help.