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How to Recapture the Holiday Spirit after a Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News

The holidays represents a time for showing your loved ones how much you
care about them and celebrating the end of another year. But for those
who have finalized their
divorce upon the arrival of the season, however, this time of year can be extremely
difficult – especially if children are involved. Although it may
seem like an arduous challenge, surviving the holidays can make your family
stronger and get you ready for the next chapter of your life.

The following are tips to get through the holiday season after a divorce:

  • Seek comfort in your support system. Whenever you feel angry or depressed about the circumstances of divorce,
    having a supportive group that you can reach out to at any time is important.
    If you have any friends or family who has experienced divorce in the past,
    they can provide the guidance necessary to overcome the holiday season.
  • Make a schedule. While it is okay to take some time to grieve, spending the entire holiday
    season confined in your home is not healthy. Instead, create an active
    schedule that keeps you busy and your mind away from the divorce. Take
    a trip to visit friends and family that live far from your home, plan
    shopping trips, or even try something new.
  • Create new traditions. Maintaining the same traditions with your children that you used to share
    with your ex-spouse can be a reminder of a time that will never come back.
    Instead, try making up new ideas for celebrating this time of year. You
    can even have your children help you think of new traditions. Try collecting
    toys for children in need or even volunteering at a soup kitchen to feed
    the homeless.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Usually, when we are feeling sad, we tend to lose our discipline and self-control
    when it comes to eating and drinking. While it can be difficult to stay
    away from these temptations during the holidays, getting plenty of exercise
    and sleep, as well as maintaining a healthy diet, can improve your mood.
  • Think of this time as a fresh start. While the new year signals a new start for everyone, it may be even more
    significant for those who have survived divorce during the holidays. Use
    this moment to embrace the start of a new life for you, your children,
    and your family.

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