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Common Marriage Advice to Avoid

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2016 | DivorceFamily Law, Firm News

Whether you are planning to get hitched or in the middle of marriage, you may have heard all kinds of marriage advice from family, friends, and peers. Even though words of wisdom do exist, there are some types of advice that are best left ignored. The following are common marriage advice to avoid:

  • “Relationships are supposed to be hard.” Although relationships do take work to succeed – and getting into an argument every once in a while is normal – they should not be emotionally draining to maintain. People who follow this advice typically stay in unhappy marriages. The most important thing to understand is that relationships are meant to strengthen each person involved, at least most of the time.
  • “Be with someone who loves you more.” Some people think that if a person loves the other person in the relationship more, then he or she will be less inclined to leave. However, this is often an insecure attempt to be in control of the relationship and remain less vulnerable.
  • “You shouldn’t censor yourself when your significant other is around.” While expressing your feelings to your partner is an important part of maintaining a good relationship, sometimes we tend to overshare – which can come off as being too blunt. Always disclose your thoughts and feelings in a respectable way.
  • “Always agree with your spouse.” Holding back feelings and accepting the status quo in their marriage can be detrimental. Learn how to recognize when your partner is upset or hurt and confront that emotion instead of pushing it aside.
  • “Never go to bed angry.” If your loved one brings up a difficult topic before going to bed, don’t spend the entire night to make amends. Instead, just sleep on it and allow yourself the time to think things through. Furthermore, you will be well rested to continue the dialogue with the right mindset.

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