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3 Warning Signs It Might Be Time For A Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2016 | Firm News

Making the decision to divorce can be a difficult decision to make, but for some couples, it’s the best option. At Barach Law Group LLC, we have seen many couples come through our doors with differing reasons for their divorce. Below, our Framingham divorce attorney has compiled a list of the three most common signs it might be time to end your marriage. Keep reading for more information, so you can make an informed decision before calling it quits.

1. Unfaithfulness

One of the most telltale signs it might be time for divorce is when one or both marriage partners have gone outside the marriage to have an affair. The most common reason people site for having an affair is a lack of sexual satisfaction in their primary relationship. While some couples are able to recover after one partner has an extramarital affair, others take it as a sign that it is time for their marriage to end. If the affair started as a response to a lack of sexual satisfaction, working with a marriage counselor might help you and your spouse determine if divorce is the right choice for you. Perhaps some counseling about how to communicate what each party needs to feel satisfied could be a helpful way to recover from the affair.

2. Counseling doesn’t work

As mentioned above, marriage counseling is a productive way to work out your problems, learn how to communicate, and obtain some training in dispute resolution. For marriage counseling to work, both partners of the marriage must be committed to working on the marriage. If you and your spouse are attending marriage counseling with no sign of improvement after several months, it might be a strong indicator that it could be time start planning for divorce.

3. Severe arguments

If you and your spouse get into serious, hurtful arguments fraught with screaming, name-calling and other disrespectful actions, it could be a crucial sign it’s time for divorce. While arguing sometimes is normal for any marriage, arguing that devolves into abusive behavior is not. If you feel your arguments cannot be resolved without becoming personal attacks it could be a sign it might be time to contact a Framingham divorce lawyer.

How We Can Help

Many couples choose to consult with a divorce attorney before going through their divorce, this way they can have a clearer picture of their next steps. For more information on how we can help you, contact our Framingham divorce attorney for a free consultation.