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3 Proven Tips for an Easier Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2016 | Firm News

At Barach Law Group LLC, we understand the anxiety and stress you might be going through if you and your spouse are considering divorce. When a household divides, it can cause financial insecurity as well as emotional insecurity as you try to decide who will live where, which spouse will get what and where the kids will live. Over the last two decades, our Framingham divorce attorneys have helped the residents of Framingham and surrounding areas resolve their family law matters. Learn the three essential things you should do before you begin the divorce process, so you can ensure a smoother divorce.

  • Make time to explain the divorce to your children: If you and your spouse have children, you might want to develop a plan for how you will tell them about the divorce. Imagine the anxiety and fear you might be feeling about your divorce, and then apply it to how your children might feel if the situation is not explained to them. Divorce is not an “adults only” matter it’s a family matter. Choose an age-appropriate way you and your spouse plan to tell your children.

Consider addressing the following questions:

  • Will your children remain at the same school?
  • Will they have to move?
  • If they have to move, is it far away?
  • Be Prepared for Compromise: Divorce requires communication and compromise to run smoothly. There are no winners in divorce, and fighting over the small stuff will only put you and your family through long, drawn out and stressful divorce battles. Preparing yourself for compromise before you begin the divorce process will help you have a more manageable experience. If you are having trouble compromising, our Framingham divorce lawyers suggest writing out a list of what items you want from the divorce. After you have made a list, number those items by priority. We can use this list as a guide to help us understand what matters most to you.
  • Set Realistic Expectations: Don’t go into the divorce thinking you will receive a certain amount in alimony or that your life will not have to change. Often the lives of divorcing couples go through great change due to the fact they will no longer have two incomes to fund their expenditures. Set realistic expectations for yourself. If you haven’t worked for many years to raise the children, you may have to return to a part-time position to offer your kids a stable home life.

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Going through a divorce can be a complicated, nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to be. When you work with an organized, experienced and compassionate legal team, you can rest assured knowing the critical aspects of your cause are being handled. Let the team at Barach Law Group LLC, handle your divorce case today. Call to schedule your free consultation.