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Understand the Discovery Process in Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | DivorceMarital Property, Firm News

When a couple decides to pursue a divorce in Massachusetts, specific processes must be completed by each party in order to divide marital property, assets, and debts in a fair manner. Financial disclosure procedures, such as discovery, are an important aspect of the divorce process since they affect the outcome of a divorce.

Discovery is a procedure designed to allow disclosure of information between
both parties. This process consists of document production, admissions
requests, as well as written and oral questioning. Financial information
that must be disclosed includes bank statements, insurance documents and
information, and loan/mortgage information.

The investigatory tools for discovery include:

  • Interrogatories – These are written questions proposed to each party, which are
    designed to obtain information useful in regards to determining how marital
    property, assets, and debts are divided.
  • Dispositions – A disposition occurs before trial and outside of the courtroom
    without a judge or jury present. They are used to uncover information
    that supports a party’s legal claims.
  • Requests for admissions – Written questions where you ask a party to admit or deny a relevant fact.
  • Requests for production – A written request which compels a party to provide certain documents
    or other tangible items for inspection or copying.
  • Appraisal – With the help a certified appraiser, he or she can verify the worth
    of assets which belong to the couple.
  • Actuaries – These are used to value benefits, such as retirement funds and pensions.
  • Subpoenas – Summoning someone, such as a bank representative or employer, to court
    to verify financial information of either party.
  • Private investigation – A private investigator can be used to verify information of a spouse if
    he or she appears to be hiding assets or not cooperating in the discovery

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a spouse will attempt to conceal their financial records, assets or income
in order to obtain a better support agreement. Without discovery, you
run the risk of getting an unfavorable result.

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