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Once a divorce is finalized, the documents are filed with the court and a judge determines the final divorce agreement. However, sometimes things in life change over time. In Massachusetts, if an earlier court order or judgment no longer suits the parties due to a significant change in circumstances, the court can modify the previous order or judgment.

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How to Modify Your Original Divorce Decree

The accepted ground for modifying a final divorce order in Massachusetts in a substantial change in circumstances. For instance, if you want to modify the terms of your custody or visitation agreement, you need to demonstrate a legitimate need for the change due to significant changes in your life, in your former spouse’s life, or in the lives of your children.

The following are common circumstances of significant change eligible for modification:

  • Loss of a job or a reduction in pay
  • Change in income of either party
  • A request for relocation due to employment or being closer to family
  • Change in health status
  • Desire of children to live with the other parent
  • Remarriage of either party

If your former spouse agrees to modify terms of the original decree, the agreement must be in writing and submitted to the court. On the other hand, if your former spouse does not agree, the process of modifying the original decree starts with a motion for modification.

Once the motion is served to the other party, your former spouse must file a response in order to have a hearing held. At the hearing, it is up to you to present proof of the change of the circumstances which warrant the modification.

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