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In June of 2015, the LGBT community experienced a huge victory when the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal throughout the nation. Along with this, same-sex divorce was also legalized. As a ground-breaking decision, the actual laws concerning same-sex divorce are now very similar to the laws regarding heterosexual divorce. The proceedings are identical to any other type of marriage. There may be some small differences regarding the decisions about child custody and fathers' rights, but these largely depend upon the specific family dynamic.

The Process of Same-Sex Divorce

Just as with any other divorce, the process begins by petitioning for divorce. After both spouses decide that a divorce is best, either one can petition the court for a divorce. After the papers are received, the spouse who obtained the divorce papers must serve them to the other. At this point, if the served spouse agrees to the terms, it is an uncontested divorce and can be smoothly resolved. However, if there are terms that cannot be agreed upon it becomes a contested divorce and generally requires some form of mediation or courtroom intervention to be settled.

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